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Many students come in to our library to do research. One of the most common things you ask us is "My teacher says I have to do a bibliography. How do I do that?" Well, here's our tips about bibliographies - what they are and how to make them.

What is a bibliography (bib-li-og-ra-phy)?

A bibliography is a list of the books of a specific author or publisher, or on a specific subject.

Why do I need to make a bibliography?

A bibliography helps you know where you got your information from and it lets your teacher know you are giving proper credit for your sources of information.

What do I include in a bibliography?

You should list every source you use such as a book, a movie, a website, an interview or any information that did not come from you

Where do I put the bibliography for my assignment?

The bibliography goes at the end of your assignment. The title of this page should be Bibliography or Works Cited

How to…Make a Bibliography

*Alphabetize by author’s last name.
*If no author, go by the first main word of the title.
*Use the bibliography style that your teacher requests. If you are not given a particular style to follow, use the guide below.

1. Book with one author:
    Blodgett, E.D. Alice Munro. Boston: Twayne, 1988.

2. Book with more than one author:
    Elwood, Ann, and Linda C. Wood. Windows in Space. New York:
    Walker, 1982.

3. Article in a magazine:
    Daglish, Brenda, “A Matter of Interest.” Maclean’s, February 15, 1993,

4. Article in a newspaper:
    Smith, Beverly, “Canadians Skate to Gold Medal,” The Globe and Mail,
    March     11, 1993. p. A1.

5. Article in an encyclopedia:
    Humber, William. “Bicycling.”  The Canadian Encyclopedia, 1988.

6. Video or Film:
    Shooting Stars.  Videotape.  National Film Board of Canada (Toronto),
    1987. 49 min., 30 sec.

7. Radio or television program:
     “Haida Gwaii – Islands of the People.”  Nature.  PBS, December 19, 1992.

8. Interview:
    Delaney, Daphne (musician). Personal interview, Toronto, April 10, 2006.

9. Information from the Internet:
    Include the web site address and the date the information was researched. (January 1, 2001)


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