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Melvil Dewey was a librarian who lived from 1851 to 1931. He was so unhappy with the way the books were NOT organized in his library that he created the Dewey Decimal System. This system is still used today in libraries and is what Barrie Public Library uses.
What is the Dewey Decimal System?
It's a system that breaks the non-fiction books up into different subjects, assigning a range of numbers to specific subjects. Each book is labelled with a specific call number according to it's subject, so when items are put on the shelves in Dewey Decimal order, all the books on one subject will be together. This makes it easier for us to organize the shelves and for you to find individual books when you need them. If you want a book about dinosaurs, you will find all the books about dinosaurs in the same area on the shelves, regardless of who the author is.

Here are examples of some subjects and their Dewey Decimal numbers
Image - Dewey 001
Image - Dewey 031
Image - Dewey 200-289
Image - Dewey 292
Image - Dewey 398
Image - Dewey 423
Image - Dewey 513
Image - Dewey 532
Image - Dewey 551
Image - Dewey 567
Image - Dewey 574
Image - Dewey 593-594
Image - Dewey 595
Image - Dewey 597
Image - Dewey 597
Image - Dewey 598
Image - Dewey 599
Image - Dewey 600-609
Image - Dewey 610-619
Image - Dewey 621-629
Image - Dewey 629
Image - Dewey 636
Image - Dewey 641
Image - Dewey 709-759
Image - Dewey 745
Image - Dewey 780-789
Image - Dewey 793
Image - Dewey 796
Image - Dewey 810-819
Image - Dewey 811-821
Image - Dewey 818
Image - Dewey 820-829
Image - Dewey 910
Image - Dewey 912
Image - Dewey 932-939
Image - Dewey 940
Image - Dewey 971
Image - Dewey 982-989
Image - Dewey 973-979
Image - Dewey 993-994

What is a Dewey Decimal Number?
A Dewey Decimal Number always has three numbers to the left of the decimal point. There is no limit to how many numbers can be after the decimal point. The more numbers that are added after the decimal, the more specific the subject. So by looking at the example below, you can see that a book with the number 567.9 will be about dinosaurs in general, but a book with 567.91290228 is about a specific dinosaur.

Book Cover - The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life

J 560 Lin

"The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life"

This book is about all prehistoric life in general. This includes dinosaurs, but it also includes other types of prehistoric life

Book Cover - The Day the Dinosaurs Died

J 567.9 Bro

"The Day the Dinosaurs Died"

This book is about dinosaurs in general.

Book Cover - Giant Meat-Eating Dinosaurs

J 567.912 Les

"Giant Meat-Eating Dinosaurs"

See now we are getting more specific. This book is about many types ofdinosaurs, but is limited to only those that ate meat

Book Cover - Tyrannosaurus Rex

J 567.9129 Gai

"Tyrannosaurus Rex"

This book is about specific type of dinosaur

Book Cover - T-Rex To Go

J 567.91290228 McG

"T-Rex To Go - Build Your Own from Chicken Bones"

This book is a specific topic related to one type of dinosaur


Hey kids, Marvin reminds you that you must have an adult with you in the library if you are under 10 years old.
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