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PLEASE NOTE: Public Internet Computers and Wireless Access will be unavailable on Sunday, September 24th at the Downtown Branch, while we upgrade our network. The Painswick branch will have all services available.

BPL Comic Con coming October 15


BPL Comic Con coming October 15

We are super excited to announce that we're having an all ages Comic Book Convention (otherwise known as a Comic Con) on Saturday, October 15! Comic Cons celebrate comic books and the music and movies inspired by them. Come dressed in your favourite superhero or comic character costume! Free, all-ages.

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Cosplay Guidelines
Workshop Descriptions  
Community Partners 
Autographed Headshots from 'The 100' Actors
BPL Comic Con Rules and Regulations (General Rules, Harassment, Photography, Props and Weapons, Costume, Copyright)


9:30 AM: Doors Open
10:30 - 11 AM: Superheroes Storytime (Children’s Floor)
10 AM - 3 PM: Adult Comic Book Swap
10 AM - 3 PM: Kids Comic Swap (Children’s Floor)
10 AM - 4 PM: Facepainting (Children’s Floor)
10 AM - 11 AM:  'First Appearances And The Secret Origins of Comics And Their Creators' with Marshall Geddes
11:30 - 12 PM: Star Wars Meetup
12 PM: Kids Cosplay Parade (ages 12 and under)
1 - 1:45 PM: Teen & Adult Cosplay Contest
2 - 3 PM: 'Cosplay Prop Workshop' with SnowHawk Cosplay. 
3 PM: Teen & Adult Cosplay Awards, Cake Award, Logo Winner
3:30 PM: Door Prizes (must be present)

Get a picture taken with our life-sized TARDIS or the library mascot Marvin the Moose! 

Pizza slices will be available for purchase.

  Featured Cosplayers
  • SnowHawk Cosplay
  • Melissa Small
  • Tonka
  • Jess Fletcher
  • Riley Ellen
  • Meekobits
  • Barrie's Batman
  • JP Lafreniere


10 - 11 AM - First Appearances And The Secret Origins of Comics And Their Creators - with Marshall Geddes
Comic books are full of origin stories.  Collectors covet and hoard the “first appearances” and “key” issues of their favorite characters’ comics. But, when did comic books, themselves, first appear?  Who was the first comic character?  When was the speech bubble first used?  Who created these symbolic conventions that make up the language of comics?  Find out just how long comics have been around and who the sensational creators were that forever changed comics and their characters into the cultural icons they are today.

2 - 3 PM - Cosplay Prop Workshop - with SnowHawk Cosplay
New to the world of cosplay? Want to upgrade your gear but not spend all your money? Cosplay can be intimidating to those starting off new in this hobby. Replica props can be expensive and delicate which also deters new cosplayers from starting up. This workshop will show you tips and hints on how to manufacture cosplay props with every day items, or at little to not cost. All it takes is a bit of imagination and you can build your own cosplay props and accessories out of everyday items. 


 Artist Alley
Face Painting
 Community Partners

MacLaren Art Centre Comic Con Workshop (ages 9-13)
October 15, 1 - 4 PM $40/$36 Friends of the MacLaren
In partnership with the BPL Comic Con, the MacLaren is excited to host a special workshop at the Gallery. Guided by regional artist and illustrator Marshall Geddes, participants will learn how to draw unique comic characters and storyboards that will be compiled into their very own accordion-fold book. At the end of this workshop, the artist-made comic books will be on display at the library.

 Autographed headshots from actors of The 100

Richard Harmon and Jessica Harmon have generously offered autographed headshots, which will be available on a first-come, first-served basis! Richard plays John Murphy on The 100, and Jessica plays Niylah. Read more about their talented acting family in Reel West magazine. They're also recording a welcome message for BPL Comic Con!


 BPL Comic Con Rules and Regulations

Costume and Cosplay Policies

This event will be held during library hours, attendees will be mixing with the general public. We ask that cosplayers respect the public space and all-ages aspect of the event when selecting what to wear. All costumes/cosplay should be appropriate for viewing by all ages, if not you may be asked to cover up or change.

Shirts and shoes are to be worn while in the library as well no “gang colours” are allowed, these rules can be found in the Patron Conduct Policy.

Policy on Harassment

  • Cosplay is not consent. No hugging or touching (including costumes and props) without consent.
  • Behaviour which is disruptive, impeding, abusive, insulting, harassing or threatening to Library users, staff and volunteers is prohibited. Anyone who is seen as a threat to the safety or enjoyment of the Library facilities will be asked to leave – as per the Library’s Patron Conduct Policy.
  • Refer to the library’s policies on Workplace Harassment and Workplace Violence


Ask permission before taking a picture. Please ask a parent, guardian or chaperone for permission to take a minor’s picture and let them know where it will be posted.

Photographing, filming or videotaping the Library interior and/or displays must be authorized by a manager or, if no manager available, the senior staff member on duty – as per the library Patron Conduct Policy.

The library does not allow photography of library customers (in addition to Comic Con attendees) without permission. There will be no photography of exhibitors, vendors or artists without permission.

General Rules of Comic Con & Library Code of Conduct

By entering the library and convention grounds participants in our Comic Con are agreeing to follow our policies. All BPL policies apply to convention goers.

  • Unattended Children - Parents or guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children. Children under the age of 10 years are not to be left unattended in or about the Library premises. Please refer to the Library’s Child and Welfare Policy & Patron Conduct Policy for more details.
  • If you feel unsafe at any time, speak to library staff, volunteers or security. We support an all-inclusive environment.
  • No pets, even in costume.
  • No distribution of literature, soliciting or commercial activity without permission as per the Patron Conduct Policy.

Props and Weapons Policy

As a family oriented Con we offer a safe, secure and pleasant family environment.

  • No real, functional or realistic looking weapons.
  • Props need orange tips.
  • Props cannot be made of glass, or have sharp points or sharp edges that could be deemed dangerous.
  • The library does not offer check-in or storage of props.
  • We reserve the right to inspect props; weapons must be visible.
  • We reserve the right to ask people with realistic weapons to leave. If asked by staff or volunteers you must remove your prop/weapon from the library premises immediately.
  • Inappropriate and/or unsafe behavior with props may lead to removal from the Con, i.e. horseplay, mock fighting, etc.
  • No projectiles that can be fired are allowed on premises, including NERF.

Please also refer to the Patron Conduct Policy.


All vendors must agree that all materials sold, displayed and distributed must be legally obtained and free of copyrighted materials. No bootlegs or unofficial copies will be permitted for sale or distribution.