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Stickers Explained

Stickers Explained

Life is better with stickers, so we have them on the spines of our books! The book stickers on the spine are called genre labels. Genre simply means category and indicates the type of content in a particular book. Some genre labels also help you find where some books are shelved. ABC/123, Fairytale and Holiday stickers are examples of genre labels that direct you to specific shelves in the Children's area. There are more than 30 genre labels used at your library, here are a few of them:

Books by Canadian authors or about our great country
Graphic Novels - Illustrated like a comic book with the full-text of a story - titles include Bone, Asterix and MegaMan
Mysteries - Whodunit? Find out and read a mystery
Science Fiction - Stories about technology and sometimes the future!
Christian Fiction -Stories with a Christian theme

Holiday - The genre labels in this collection help you to identify specific holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, and Hanukkah. They are all kept together in this separate section.
Fairy Tales - These genre labels are on single fairytale stories that are located on a special shelf
Alphabet Books:  A is for apple and B is for book. These books use words to illustrate the letters of the alphabet.
Counting Books:  Books that have numbers in the story, usually in order, so 1,2,3 count with me!!
Fantasy:  A story that has imaginary or “fantastic” characters, setting or action!
Biography:  A great read if you want to get to know someone famous or noteworthy!  Biographies are books that tell the facts about a person’s life.
In Library Use Only:  You are welcome to look at these books in the library, but they don’t go home with you.
Western:  Stories that have a setting or action in Western regions.  Lasso one, pardner and see if you enjoy the adventure!