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Studying Tips

Studying Tips

You will all have to study for a test at some time or another so we've put together some tips to help make it easier.

Preparing for the test

  • Record the dates of your tests in your agenda
  • Make sure you bring home all the books and materials you will need to study
  • Keep up-to-date on your assignments
  • Take notes in class
  • Ask questions if you are unclear or don’t understand what is being taught
  • Learn new information as you come to it – don’t wait until test time to learn everything
  • Try to study at the same time and same place every day
  • Take short breaks of 5-10 minutes if you have to study for a long period of time
  • Make sure your study area has good air flow, is well lit, and that all your supplies are in one area
  • Make sure to remove any distractions such as the T.V., radio or computer
  • Study sitting at a desk or table – studying in a bed or comfy chair may make you too drowsy
  • Ask your parents to quiz you on what you have studied for the test
  • If it would be helpful, find a study buddy

Test Day

  • Don’t go to school on an empty stomach because hunger will interfere with your concentration
  • Arrive early so you will have some time to relax
  • Look over the entire test when it is handed out
  • Pay close attention to the directions given on the test
  • For multiple choice questions, try to answer the question before reading the choices. If you’re right one of the choices will match your answer
  • Try the easy questions first because sometimes answers become clearer after you take a second look
  • If you have to skip a question, be sure to mark it so you remember to come back to it. You don’t want to leave any questions blank
  • Stay positive and keep concentrating on the answers you do know
  • Be sure to leave some time to read over your answers
  • Remember the better you study, the better you will do on your test